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Sea Sponge + Beechwood Duck


Part of our special collection for the holiday season; this item is of limited supply.

A natural sponge with untreated beechwood duckling - beautiful things for special moments with your babe that are naturally sourced and fully degradable at the end of their lifetime.

This quality natural sponge was "harvested" by hand in Greece and the duck handcrafted by heirloom brush makers Redecker in Germany.

Rinse with clean water after each use, gently squeeze dry, and hang up to air dry. This item must be dried properly and not allowed to soak long term, or the wood will degrade/crack and potentially become mouldy if not allowed to dry - this happens with plastic items, but the bacteria and mould is usually not visible to the eye with plastics. Please don’t ever wring the sponge out. Heavily soiled natural sponges can also be washed in the machine up to a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius or disinfected with 70% medicinal alcohol (Isopropanol) – of course, natural sponges are not machine-washable in hot water.

Approximately 9cm