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100% Bamboo Toilet Paper | 3 ply


Why consider a change: Did you know that the majority of drugstore toilet papers contain plastics? Not only is this terrible for your septic system and the environment after use, those rolls require constant petroleum products to be produced and are often mixed with virgin forest pulp and bleach. Bamboo toilet paper eliminates a lot of these issues; it is fast growing, requires no inputs in the way of pesticides and fertilizers, and uses 30% less water in growing and production than forest based products.

The Product: Flush is a small business doing great things. This 100% bamboo toilet paper comes individually wrapped in paper - no plastic involved.

100% biodegradable with no inks, bleach, dyes or fragrances

Septic safe, hypoallergenic

FSC certified bamboo from Sichuan, China

3 Ply/365 sheets

The Company: A female owned, Canadian, small business.