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Autumn Loose Leaf Tea Blends


Ethically sourced, sustainable production + fair trade development are cornerstones of Bush Berry's loose leaf tea brand. 

Local, family-run farm quality, organic and ethically sourced ingredients make up these blends from Nakusp, British Columbia. We are excited to offer this brand that provides radical transparency for ingredient sourcing (just check out their website for more info!). This brand is also female run and provides loose leaf tea, an alternative to plastic and bleached paper baggies.

Each 100g bag is made of compostable materials that can go in your backyard compost. 

Each bag is approximately 30 servings, depending on how strong you prefer your tea. With loose leaf, you can add as little or as much as you like, compost it afterward, and use a reusable option for a tea bag or strainer.

Pumpkin Spice (*contains caffeine): a bold, flavourful blend of spices and pumpkin perfect for the fall season. Our tea packs a punch with a blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. Enjoy a warm, comforting cup of our tea and savor the notes of pumpkin and spice. Ingredients: Black Tea Cinnamon Ginger Cloves Nutmeg Cardamom Pumpkin Seed

Apple Cinnamon (herbal, caffeine free): Apple and spice and everything nice! This is a cup of that with just a hint of chamomile to carry you through autumn on a pleasant little tea cloud. Ingredients: Chamomile, Apple, Cinnamon

Immune Defence (herbal, caffeine free): a medic in a bag, really. Heavenly peppermint, orange and cinnamon greet you kindly while medicinal herbs like ginger, ginkgo and echinacea go to work strengthening white blood cells, lifting your immune system and pulling you out of bed quicker. It’s a must-have tea when you feel something coming on or getting you down. *not meant to replace professional medical advice. Ingredients: Peppermint Ginger Orange Peel Ginkgo Biloba Rose hips Echinacea Leaf Cinnamon Nettle Leaf