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Bamboo Hairbrush Set


Why consider a change: This gorgeous handmade wooden hair brush set is a great zero waste alternative to hair brushes made out of plastic that will eventually break apart into plastic waste.

The Product: This set includes 1 compostable handmade wooden hair brush and one brush cleaner. Ergonomically-designed bamboo handle comfortably fits in your hand for a firmer grip. Lightweight, portable, and suitable for all hair types. This bamboo hair brush glides through your hair promoting the secretion of natural oil and making your hair look more healthy and soft, preventing static (a problem with plastics) which makes hair frizzy and brittle. Vegan + cruelty-free.

Composition: Recyclable/Biodegradable Natural Rubber, Compostable Brush Pins Made from Bamboo + Compostable/Recyclable Packaging Made from Cardboard

Size: wooden hair brush: 9.5" x 4"; cleaning brush: 4.5" x 1"