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Beeswax Food Wrap Refresher Bar


Wraps not quite sticking as good anymore? Refresh your beeswax wraps with Prairie Bee's perfect original wax blend.

Our refresh bar will extend the life of your beeswax wraps in just a few easy steps.

Beeswax wraps are designed to last about one year with proper care. After this time, they may loose some of their stick and need a freshening to continue working well. Our refresher bar will touch up approx. 10-20 wraps depending on size. Shape of mold may vary; we currently have a sweet little bee and wildflower scene.

Full instructions included. These bars can also be used to make new wraps with fabric scraps that you have on hand.

Packaged in an undyed/non layered cardboard box with instructions to protect the bar.

Ingredients: locally sourced Canadian beeswax, pine resin & jojoba oil

Food wrap not included.

Handmade in SK, Canada