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BESIDE Independent Magazine | at the crossroads of nature + culture

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BESIDE publishes two magazines and one journal per year. Each issue brings together philosophers, artists, entrepreneurs, farmers, scientists and adventurers around one compelling question. If you want to be empowered with compelling knowledge, untold stories, and impactful conversations at the crossroads of nature and culture.

BESIDE Magazine is free of traditional advertising, with the exception of a few select sponsored articles developed with carefully chosen partners whose values and vision we admire.

Our magazine is printed in Quebec on Rolland Enviro paper, a 100 per cent post-consumer paper.

ISSUE 3: WHAT'S THE VALUE OF NATURE?  We aim to calculate how much nature’s labour is worth, and the cost of not protecting it. We consider the much subtler, more personal value that manifests when we are inspired creatively, politically, even spiritually, by nature. We discuss the “green gap” between our good intentions and our daily actions toward curbing climate change—and we consider the positive advances the outdoor industry has the power to harness. Finally, we explore a few disruptive ideas—including the new circular economy—which can muster our collective potential to create a truly sustainable future. Thanks to our partners: MEC.

ISSUE 9: HOW DO WE EMBODY OUR NORDICITY? Release date: November 19th 2020 || Living in harmony with the seasons. Encouraging the locally made and locally grown. Embracing a more minimalist lifestyle. Learning to read the nature that surrounds us, in the city as well as the forest. Many of our aspirations are linked to our desire to reconnect to the land. Could nordicity help us embrace this way of life? In the face of current crises, could it infuse our daily lives with precious tools: slowness, presence, and a sense of community? In this issue, BESIDE explores the ways we (re)define ourselves, from Montréal to Iqaluit, from Whitehorse to Stockholm, around the notion of nordicity. These stories attest to all that we still have to learn from those who live in tune with the North.

ISSUE 10: TRANSFORMATIONS || New Release | Radical Ideas to transform + challenge our way of life || For this anniversary issue, BESIDE highlights new radical ideas, age-old solutions, and stories from people who have decided to grow, work, eat, and live differently. Because if this past year has revealed our vulnerabilities, it has also taught us that we can transform ourselves.

  • Chris Burkard, photographer
  • Yvon Chouinard, founder Patagonia
  • Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Indigenous leader
  • Dave Courchene, Indigenous leader
  • Matthieu Dugal, science journalist
  • Dan O’Brien, farmer, falconer and author
  • Shelma Jun, climber and founder, Flash Foxy
  • Ellen MacArthur, sailor and entrepreneur
  • Sarain Fox, activist
  • Bernie Krause, sound ecologist
  • Michael Pollan, author
  • Liz Plank, journalist, Vox
  • Chelsea Vowel, fiction author

Stack Magazine Awards, Nomination for Best use of photography, 2019 Art Direction Grand Prix, Canadian Magazine Awards, 2019 Grafika Award, 2017