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Beauty Cloths | Hemp + Bamboo

$4.50 $6.50

Why consider a change: this cloth is made of organic cotton and hemp, a fast growing, high-yield crop that does not require pesticides or herbicides due to its hardy nature. It is an incredibly eco friendly fabric that we are excited to offer as we learn about the origins and impacts of a variety of fabrics.

The Product: a luxurious, hypo-allergenic cloth option that is perfect for oil cleansing, removing makeup, as a beautifully soft face cloth, or really anything that requires that throwaway wet wipe.

1 ply; 11x10"; hemp (55%) + organic cotton (45%) blend; ultra soft for sensitive skin

Care: Wash before first use. Machine wash with like colours cold (to save energy) and tumble or hang dry. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets with this product as this can decrease absorbency. 

The Company: Cheeks Ahoy is a handmade company based in Peterborough, Ontario in a lovely small shop run by a mama and her team.