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Cloth Bowl Covers


Why consider a change: Plastic wrap is a pretty cool product, but it can rarely be reused and is designed for such a short period of time, and yet lasts for decades (or longer) after it has been used for that short period of time. To remove the plastic from your food storage routine, bowl covers can assist you in providing a much more usable, long term option.

The Product: These come either waxed with beeswax (for longer term fridge storage and the ability to seal onto bowl edges with the warmth of your hand) or unwaxed (for shorter term storage). These reduce the reliance on plastic wrap and tinfoil and are simple to machine wash (unwaxed) or in the sink with a mild dish soap (waxed).

Uses: fridge food storage, salads and veggies, fermentation (unwaxed), keeping bugs off your supper, covering bread rolls or buns, soaking beans or legumes, going to a potluck, camping, leftovers, rising dough or baking (unwaxed), covering a mixer bowl (unwaxed).

The Company: Your Green Kitchen is a small, female-owned and operated, Canadian business.