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Classic Camp Sock | Anian


Made in Canada

The Classic Camp Sock: As classic as coffee and steel cut oats—which is to say, pretty classic indeed—these are the socks you’ll reach for almost every morning, whether out adventuring or just crossing Tuesday off the week. Made from a warm and durable midweight wool blend, our Classic Wool Camp Socks are thick enough to wear hiking but also comfy and breathable enough for bike rides or days spent tackling errands downtown.

The acrylic and nylon content gives them a soft feel against the skin, and they’re machine washable like all Anián socks. The design rises midway up the calf, and an old-school red stripe adds even more classicness at the top cuff.

Material: 50% wool / 25% acrylic / 20% nylon / 5% other.
Made in Canada.

Sizing: Available in two unisex sizes. Refer to the sizing chart for details.

Wash Guide: Wash in cold water and hang to dry. To reduce energy and water use, we recommend washing only when necessary. Less washing also gives your garments a longer life. Use non-toxic and degradable detergents; avoid chemical-based spot cleaners, softeners or detergents.