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Clay Mineral Face Masks | 30 uses


Why consider a change: many face masks are premixed with water, making them cheaper to buy, but increases their carbon footprint, decreases their longevity, and allows for a lot of questionable ingredients (sometimes cheap preservatives are utilized) to be added. These clay masks allow you to mix the product at home with water or another liquid (like apple cider vinegar) dependant on your skin's needs, and does not contain a plastic squeeze package that is not recyclable at all. Thoughtful packaging and small shop sourcing from this rad female company don't hurt, either!

The Product: These clay mineral masks contain a purifying & calming blend of naturally sourced clay, seaweeds, and wild locally-sourced plant extracts finely ground to a consistency that will gently exfoliate skin, penetrate pores, and lift impurities while restoring the skin with an abundance of valuable minerals.

The rose clay mask is available in our refillery - so save your container for refill, or pop in with your own clean container to try a little, or a bunch!

Restorative for the skin with a wealth of essential minerals, these masks repair and regenerate skin cells, while preventing free-radical damage and providing a rich array of vitamins (A, B, C, E and K). During use, the clay pulls away any build-up and oxidized sebum out of your pores to tighten and reduce the sight of pores to eliminate future blackheads.

Approximately 30 face masks in every jar.

DIRECTIONS: in a small bowl, add 1 tsp of powder to 1 tsp of your liquid of choice (yogurt, green tea, apple cider vinegar, water...etc). mix to the consistency of a thick paste. apply evenly to skin in a circular motion and leave to dry for 15 minutes. Rinse skin clean with warm water and finish with Facial Serum & Facial Tonic.


blue seaweed - gentle, exfoliating, softening, soothing

•brown rice powder, kaolinite (white clay), colloidal oatmeal, •calendula, •chamomile, •licorice root, ∆marshmallow root, pineapple enzymes, papaya enzymes, •apple peel, •lemon peel, •white willow bark, •phycocyanin powder (blue seaweed)

green - detoxifying & deep cleansing

French green clay •seaweed powder •spirilina powder •rosehip powder ∆white willow bark ∆yarrow ∆comfrey •lavender •sencha green tea

rosé- calming & anti-inflammatory

French pink clay, •colloidal oatmeal, •rosehips, •rose petals, •coconut milk, Himalayan pink salts, •lavender buds, •sea buckthorn

•organic ∆ethically wildcrafted

The Company: The Willow's Bark is one of our favourite woman-owned local businesses. This company makes all of their products in Peterborough, Ontario.