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Coconut Wax Snap Bar | Melts


The Product: Our coconut melts are perfect to fill your space with aromas that'll sooth your eco-conscious soul and offer healing. Providing delightful hours of bliss in the comfort of your home, office or favourite space. Our melts are formulated with an 100% Eco friendly, biodegradable + Natural coconut wax blend and is completely vegan, cruelty free, toxic free, phthalate free and paraben free - an excellent alternative to toxin inducing paraffin wax.

Natural | Organic | Plant Based | Vegan | Cruelty Free | Gluten Free | Palm Oil Free |

Weight: 1.5 oz | 45 g per snap bar
Burn time: Up to 5 hours per snap bar.
Burn time varies depending on your burner, our melts should last you the minimum mentioned.

The Company: Hand poured in small batches with love in Toronto by Elosa - a female-owned, BIPOC owned company.

Packaging: Our snap bars are housed in eco friendly gassline bags, sealed with our branded quality and recyclable label. They are biodegradable and have a paper label.

Scents Available: 

Aurora (Toasted Coconut + Amber Woods + Bergamot) A warm, sensual, tropical, milky coconut aroma with a touch of alluring jasmine. Aurora features the notes of toasted coconut, amber woods and bergamot, that is warm and uplifting.

Santolina (Egyptian Linen + Cotton + Lavender) A clean cotton aroma with the lovely touch of lavender and fresh linens. A soothing, luxurious aroma that features a soft unique lavender that reminds you of washing clean sheets out in the summer sun. A luxury take on clean linens.

Serene (Yuzu + Ylang Ylang + Hinoki) A sophisticated blend of elegant florals with a wood and earthy touch. Creating a elegant oasis bringing you a peaceful setting.

HAVEN (Patchouli + Sandalwood + Jasmine) A warm floral and fresh citrus blend. So elegant, peaceful and uplifting to the eco-conscious soul. An aroma that'll calm your senses and ease your mind and take you to a safe place.

Island Rose (Coconut + Rose + Vanilla) A soothing, light, calming floral aroma, complimented with coconut, red rose and a hint of vanilla + caramel. Giving you a warm, sophisticated aroma that'll keep you at peace

Zėst (Peach + Tangerine + Apricot) A soft peachy tropical scent so delicious, you'll want to eat it (but, please don't). Soft, featuring sweet notes of apricot and peach with hints of vanilla. Perfect for summer vibes.

Aphrodisia (Rose Water + Hibiscus + Lilly Flower) A floral, sweet, romantic aroma that'll have you falling in love with the moment. With notes of rose, hibiscus and Lilly, this aroma is soft, romantic and feminine.



How to Use:

Wax melts do not contain any wicks thus, do not burn away like a candle would. When the aroma of the wax melt is no longer present, add more!

· Snap a bar or two and place in your wax warmer
·  Enjoy the lingering aroma in your space without the use of a flame 
·  For larger rooms, I suggest using two warmers

To clean out existing wax, absorb with cotton ball or if your warmer has a removable department for the wax, place in freezer until solid to easily pop it out. Never throw down sink or drain.

Occasionally, you may reuse wax for your craft projects such as wax sealers for letters.

·  Use only a tea light warmer or UL listed electric warmers that are approved for wax melts

· Remove from packaging before placing in warmer

· Read and follow all instructions provided with your warmer before use

· Do not leave melter unattended

· Do not add water, oil or any liquids

· Do not melt on stove top or in oven

· Do not dump hot wax down drain

· Do not burn longer than 4 hours

· Keep out of reach of children and pets

Due to the handmade touches of Elosa’s products, colors, textures, sizes, cuts and labeling may vary slightly from products shown in photos. This does not effect overall quality of product. All products are formulated, scented and colored naturally and is vegan and palm oil free.