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Crystal Nail Files


These finely crafted double tempered crystal files by Living Libations are the go-to choice for strong, natural nails – at home and in professional salons.

Benefits of crystal files for nail and pedicures:

  • Have a much higher and finer grit than cardboard files – offering effective filing power that’s incredibly gentle on your nails.
  • Prevent peeling, chipping and breaking often caused by paper and metal files.
  • Last up to 10x longer than traditional files – crystal nail files last for years!
  • Are much more sanitary than traditional nail files which are porous. Our crystal glass file can be easily cleaned with soap and water or sterilized with heat.

Where cardboard nail files quickly wear out and become dull – all the while harboring germs and bacteria – crystal files offer noticeably smoother nails that are protected from chipping, breaking and infections.

Living Libations crystal manicure and pedicure files are crafted from hardened, tempered crystal glass that is sand-blasted to seal the filing surface and make it more abrasive. Fully recyclable at the end of its long, long and useful life.

The Pedicure File for skin + nails: Pamper your feet with this finely crafted pedicure foot rasp made from durable, double tempered glass. The special ‘slab bar’ design is crafted from a hardened glass alloy – renowned for its resilience, so you can use this elegant tool to smooth skin, remove calluses and file nails for years to come. It's gentle on your feet, is easy to use, and easy to keep clean; simply file over coarser skin and calluses, or glide over nails. This glass pedicure file has two sides – extra coarse side to remove tougher skin, and a coarse side for massaging and smoothing skin. Both sides are gentle and effective on skin.

Crystal Manicure File: 135mm/5.32 inches long, 2mm/0.08 inches thick, sheathed in a cotton sleeve

Crystal Pedicure File: 165 mm long and 8 mm thick, sheathed in a cotton sleeve