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Fabric Refresher + Deodorizer Spray


Why consider a change: Not only is laundry time consuming, it’s tough on clothing and the environment. This fabric spray is made to prolong the life of your clean clothes and provide an option without the synthetic, artificial fragrance that we all don't want or need to be breathing in. Plus, it creates a plastic free route to fresher clothing and air, and can be refilled.

The Product: An odor-banishing solution created to keep garments fresh between washes so they can be worn more and laundered less. Completely non-toxic.


  • 100% chemical free. 
  • Contains vodka, a scent-free, natural deodorizer that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus while dissolving stubborn odors — without leaving a trace of residue. 
  • Scented with organic essential oils carefully chosen for their quality, purity, and sustainability. 
  • All fragrances are natural and soothing, never sharp or overpowering.


Made with all-natural ingredients that won’t leave residue, fabric spray can be used on any and all fabrics, making it ideal for items that are more difficult to wash like furniture, car seats, shoes, hats, sports equipment, plush toys… the list goes on.

  • Step 1: Shake it up. (Get those aromatic essential oils flowin’!) 

  • Step 2: Spray away. (Hold about an inch from fabric and furnishings.) 

  • To refresh worn garments: Turn items inside out and target areas most susceptible to odors. Hang or drape to dry for 12-24 hours before returning items to your closet. 

Fresh F'n Laundry: This rejuvenating essential oil blend of lemon and lime peel, Siberian fir, and spicy herbs contains fast-acting purifying properties that quash even the most potent funky smells (we’re talkin’ car seats, sports equipment, pet beds, and more). Customers rave that this scent works wonders on fabric items that hold onto odors more than others i.e. slippers, bathmats, etc.

Lavender: A few spritzes of this classic fabric spray and you’ll be feelin’ as dreamy as fresh linens rippling in a warm summer breeze. Pure lavender essential oil offers a mild floral, herbal aroma reminiscent of laundry day that can alleviate stress and lull you to sleep. 

Lemongrass: Often described as earthy, citrusy, sweet, and fresh, lemongrass’ aroma is rich, complex, and versatile. On top of its sublime fragrance, this cleansing essential oil can combat feelings of stress and boost awareness. Another perk: A little goes a long way, so it’s the perfect spray to use every day and everywhere.

Eucalyptus Mint: Inhale, exhale, repeat: Aromatic eucalyptus oil promotes feelings of relaxation while energizing peppermint oil defogs the mind. This dynamic formula ushers out even the most stubborn odors for a spa-like experience, all while moonlighting as an insect repellant and alleviant for itchy bug bites. 

The Company: Closett Canddy is a very rad female-owned small business operating out of Kingston, Ontario.