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First Press Pure Jojoba Oil



Why consider a change: this option provides a natural healing element for your hair care routine to swap away from silicone and chemical based serums. There is no artificial chemical scent to linger around your breathing space for the day, either. We love finding options like this from small Canadian, female owned businesses.

The Product: Jojoba Oil is a versatile powerhouse for skin, body and hair. It's naturally infused with Vitamins B, C & E as well as Copper and Zinc minerals. This option comes packaged in glass with a metal sprayer, making it perfect to refill in store. 

• unscented
• preservative free
• cruelty free
• paraben free
• non-GMO
• non-allergenic
• non-comedogenic
• glass bottle packaging
• 100% pure first pressed, unrefined


For Hair: use as a hair or beard oil to moisturize, protect against split ends and leave hair strong, soft and shiny. Remember, a little goes a long way! You can also apply Jojoba Oil as a leave-in treatment. Simply massage oil into your scalp, leave for 20 minutes (can also be left overnight) and shampoo out. This will break up the sebum build-up which can cause dandruff.

For Body: use as a makeup remover, cuticle conditioner, moisturizer, after shave lotion, massage oil and face serum. This is because Jojoba Oil has natural anti-inflammatory agents, is moisturizing and has antioxidant properties.

Other: Jojoba Oil is great as a carrier oil for essential oils. If you are looking to create DIY projects at home, like sugar or coffee body scrubs, scented rollers, face masks, etc. our zero waste bottles are a perfect fit.

INGREDIENTS: Jojoba Seed Oil | 
100ml (3.4 fl. oz.)

The Company: Goldilocks Goods is a small, female-owned business that hand makes their products in Canada.