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Handmade Wooden Scoop

$10.00 $14.00

Why consider a change: The group that crafts these pieces have been working with local tropical woods for generations. As their local natural environment is important to them, they take great care to only work with woods that are locally accessible and do not damage the environment. These pieces are imported by a North American company that is female owned, ensuring fair wages for the groups of artisans involved.

The Product: Smooth, expertly handmade with rustic tools and sanded to perfection, these beauties will add an air of intention to whatever task they assist with. Each scoop features rich wood grains and deep brown hues, accentuated by beeswax polish for a fine sheen and protection.

Sourced from local hardwood in Central Mexico in a sustainable forestry practice, they are a beautiful highlight to your natural home.

Dimensions: Approximately 7cm wide x 14cm long x 1.25cm deep

Care: this scoop should be washed by hand in cool water without bleach or harsh soaps (Castile soap or any of our natural dish soaps and bars work well), then dried with a towel. Do not clean in the dishwasher as this will destroy the piece. In order to maintain the sheen, treat with beeswax polish and linseed oil from time to time.

Note: This is a natural and handmade product - the sizes, designs, wood patterns and hues may vary slightly from the featured product image.