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Holiday Scented Candles


Why consider a change: Seasonal candles without the paraffin, chemical scent and lingering headaches? No glitter, plastics or big box shops with these guys, either.

The Product: High quality, seasonally scented candles from a rad little small North American business that we can all feel good about. These 7.2 oz candles are packaged inside an amber glass with a metal lid - an excellent reuse container if there ever were one.

Please note that there are paraben and phthalate free artificial fragrances in these candles; however, the company was able to be completely transparent in the high quality fragrance oils they add to essential oils to create these scents, demostrating a serious commitment to sustainability, and is a favourite in small eco shops in North America.


Spruce: Dense forest floor, sunshine and snow, taking home a tree from the corner tree lot. Notes of snow powder, blue spruce, cedarwood, and citrus.

The Company: P.F. Candle Co is a great little small shop that has made its way into numerous sustainable living brand in North America; made in United States of America.