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Living Libations Pure Incense | Cinnamon

$9.00 $23.00

Living Libations Incense fills your home, studio or event with the rich, herbaceous wonders of pure ingredients, handmade in Haliburton, Ontario. 

Each purified pack includes 12 sticks of Incense

Sacred Cinnamon Incense sticks are crafted with all-natural coconut shell and bamboo sticks, infusing the air with the purest essence and powder of sumptuous cinnamon. Ingredients: ground cinnamon, hand rolled with coconut shell and bamboo stick

Burning Instructions:

  1. Hold the uncoated end of the Incense stick in your hand. Use a match or lighter to light the opposite end of the incense stick.
  2. Gently blow or fan the flame until it is extinguished. You should see a red, glowing tip at the end of the incense stick, as well as a wafting spiral of delicious Vetiver-scented smoke twirling toward the ceiling or sky.
  3. Place the unlit end of the incense in your favorite incense burner. Inhale to lift the spirits and fill your heart with joy.
Use an appropriate incense burner on a heat resistant surface. Always attend to lit incense and keep out of the reach of children.