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Loose Leaf Tea Blends


Why consider a change: Loose leaf tea can add a sustainable element to your daily ritual of pouring and savouring a fresh mug of tea. Many conventional teas are now packaged in bleached paper or thin plastic mesh, which releases micro plastics into your tea as soon as they are immersed into boiling water. Using loose leaf tea can decrease packaging, and can be used in a warm mug with a tea strainer, tea straw, or reusable tea bag.

The Product: Choose a 60g amber glass sealed jars of loose leaf tea; or a Kraft paper bag refill size to fill your amber jar once it's empty. Add a small amount to a tea strainer, reusable tea bag, or even use a tea straw.

Immunity Blend | Luna Tea (for Menstruation) | Sleep Calm


Immunity Tea: •slippery elm bark, •marshmallow root, •lemon peel, •echinacea, ∆elderberries and ∆flowers, •licorice root, •ginger

Luna Blend: ∆Crampbark, ∆Willow bark, •Licorice Root, ∆Raspberry Leaf, •Black Cohosh, •Hibiscus, •Dong Quai, ∆Red Clover, ∆Yarrow

Sleep Calm: Lavender, Passionflower, Skullcap, Chamomile, g/f Oats and oatstraw, Hops

•organic ∆wild

The Company: These teas are all hand and wildcrafted by herbalists in Peterborough, Ontario - by The Willow's Bark, a female run, operated, and owned business.