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Low Waste Favourites Set


Buy to gift to someone special that is interested in getting into low waste living, for someone already far down the path of low waste living, or split it up for several friends and family! Either way, it's a savings on some of our most popular smaller sized products.

Gift Set Value: $95


1 x Bamboo mason jar straw lid (regular mouth mason size)

1 x Bamboo pot scraper

1 x Old Soul natural oils bar soap*

1 x Compostable soap saver baggie

1 x Simply plastic-free gum*

1 x The Willow's Bark lip balm tin*

1 x Stainless steel clip

1 x Compostable, plastic free floss in a mini mason jar

1 x Fair trade, Canadian made chocolate bar*

1 x Sponge cloth*

1 x Shave soap bar* (lime will be included if no preference noted)

1 x Stainless steel smoothie straw

1 x Agave fibre (no plastic bristles) straw cleaner brush

1 x Adult fully compostable bamboo toothbrush 

*Items in the gift set marked with a * can be switched for another flavour/colour/pattern option and may be substituted by Harlowe Green in preparing your order depending on availability on our end. Please leave a note at checkout for your preference, and we will do our best!

*Set does not come gift wrapped automatically; please add a gift wrap option if you'd like the set wrapped.