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Low Waste Living Zines


All of the zines in our shop are printed by independent shop Microcosm Publishing. Less waste than a book, more profits to authors + independent book sellers.

Frugal Vegan's Guide to Spring + Summer: a gigantic cookbook / how-to / DIY zine for people without a lot to spend. Recipes for food, non-food, and even gift ideas! There's spring cleaning tips, cheap entertainment, making earrings and magnets, yard sales, dandelion wine, and raw foods; money-saving notions that you can use every day.

Herbal First Aid: a guide to using plants in your environment for their medicinal properties; tend to your health in small ways. Includes healing cuts and scrapes, burns, rashes, sunburns, building a first aid kit, gut problems, aches & pains, bugs, bruises, bleeding, parasites, and a list of further reading resources + hand drawn illustrations. 

Home Composting: step by step instructions and answers to your most common questions

Non Toxic House Cleaning: A hand-written and illustrated zine about how to clean your house while avoiding chemicals. Inside you'll find a lesson about the value of DIY cleaning, basic ingredients, some sample recipes for homemade cleaners, and various cleaners for various surfaces.