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Mid-Rise Retro Organic Brief | Butterscotch

$8.00 $28.00

Please note that we are gradually increasing our size range. We will have more colours and a wider range each month and order we place. We appreciate your understanding as we are a very small business.

We are able to order batches of underwear for you if you'd like a set (in sets of 5) for a discount of 15%. Please email us at for a pre-order.

The Mid Rise Retro Brief: A nod to the classic silhouettes of 60s glam - this mid-rise style features a long and low leg-line for full coverage in the both front and back. Stay-put external leg elastics keep this ultra comfy brief securely in place - all day long.
  • 95% Certified Organic Cotton with 5% Elastane for stretch
  • Forgiving waistband that never digs in
  • Stay-put leg elastic for secure placement
  • A higher middle rise with a low leg-line for the fullest coverage we offer
  • Heat-stamped care label on front panel (no tags/polyester fibre brand tags)

    See the transparency of the garment creation here: Organic Farm -> Organic Ginner -> Organic Spinner -> Organic Fair Trade Factory

    Sustainability of this Garment:
    • 95% Certified Organic Cotton with 5% elastane for stretch
    • Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), a third party audit
    • Also certified OEKO-TEX (Standard 100) - a global certification that ensures textiles are free of harmful chemicals like Azo colourants, nickel, lead, cadmium, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol... and other impossible to pronounce substances that can cause irritation. It’s our promise that no toxic inputs are used throughout the production process and only the safest dyes and finishes are used on your certified organic undies.
    • Also certified Fair Trade by third party Fairtrade International: to ensure everyone involved in the Knickey production process is treated with the respect and care they deserve. This means that living wages, safe working conditions, and absolutely no toxic substances that could be harmful to people’s health will be found within the facility.
    • Certified by third party Climate Neutral: it means we worked with Climate Neutral to measure and offset 100% of our carbon emissions through production to retailer
    • our packaging is made with recycled content, post-consumer waste, low impact inks and is 100% plastic-free. Our shipping boxes are Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) third-party certified, meaning they are produced by suppliers who prioritize the preservation of natural ecosystems and prevent deforestation. Supporting the Sustainable Forestry Initiative also helps to further its work of conserving water resources, ensuring fire resilient forests, and implementing climate smart forestry.


    • 0.8 pounds of emissions offset
    • 52.7 glasses of drinking water saved from lower-impact production
    • 0.1 meters squared space of land saved from pesticide use/application
    • Knickey also has a recycling program to close the loop:  When your Undies or Bralettes are ready to be retired, use their Recycling Program (available at Harlowe Green) to turn your old undies into furniture batting, insulation, or even new thread. Plus, you can include old stuff from other brands' intimates, too! Here's to closing the loop - Knickey has reduced 750,000 intimates garments from the landfill so far.

    *statistics above from 3rd party review by Green Story

    Garment Care: Keep your Knickeys cheeky clean by washing in cold water and hanging dry to save energy. In a pinch, they can go in the dryer too. For bonus points, earth-friendly detergents are highly recommended.