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Moon Time Cyclical Relief Salve

$16.00 $26.00

The Product: During the most powerful, but most intense days of the month, Moon Time Salve is a comforting addition to our menstrual care rituals.

Anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and fluid-moving herbs such as Arnica, Comfrey, St. John’s Wort, Cramp Bark, Willow Bark + Chamomile are alchemized with organic plant oils and Canadian beeswax to deliver topical pain relief. Treat your body to this relieving blend of herbs that can be massaged onto the lower abdomen, stomach + back. Moon Time releases fluid retention, eases menstrual discomfort and provides topical pain relief. A calming lightly floral scent with small-batch distilled essences of Clary Sage and Lavender.

Moon Time Salve is ready to infuse its potency in the form of a warm, gentle hug around your abdomen. Mix with Pine + Clover's Muscle Melt for further intense cramping.

Made in Ontario by Pine + Clover Apothecary herbalist Britt

2oz metal reusable tin with screw on lid.

How To Use: Dip a clean, dry finger into the tin and scoop out a quarter-sized amount. Rub salve between palms briskly until they feel warm. Massage, in circular motion, onto lower abdomen, stomach, lower back and anywhere you feel discomfort. For external use only. Keep out of sunlight and away from heat. Natural separation may occur when the oils from your fingertips are introduced to the salve. 

Please keep out of sunlight and away from heat. Best used within 1 year.

Ingredients: Salix alba, Arnica montana, Viburnum opulus, Symphytum, Matricaria chamomilla, Hypericum perforatum infused Olea Europea, Cera Alba, essences of Clary Sage + Lavandin, whole Lavandin buds

No preservatives, toxic fragrances or chemical emulsifiers