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Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag


Ditching dairy (if you wish!) is easy with the abundance of mylks that can be made from things in your pantry like, almonds, cashews, oats, hemp hearts and more. 

This is a handmade option made in Canada by the female owned small susty shop, The Market Bags.

This 13"x10" organic cotton bag will do the hard part - straining the mylk. Fold the edges over to make the bag sturdy and pour your blended up nuts and water through, squeezing out the rest of the liquid. Rinse out the solids (or keep them to add them to a batch of bread or cookies), and voilà you've got yourself fresh hand squeezed mylk.

Wash and dry in the laundry; however, we recommend laying out or hanging to dry to decrease your energy use.

1% of all sales are donated to the Mamas for Mamas Sustainable Nourishment Program, on top of our 1% for the Planet donations. This ensures that everyone has access to fresh and nourishing produce.