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Organic Mesh Produce Bags | Set of 6


The Product: A set of 6 reusable mesh produce bags by Zero Waste Mvmt for a low waste, natural fibre option for groceries and more.

The bags feature a double-stitched seam and a metal clasp drawstring.They work great not only as produce bags but can be used as a laundry bag while travelling and for corralling items you might normally collect in a plastic baggie.

Set of 6 bags: 2 large (40 x 30cm), 2 medium (30 x 25cm) and 2 small (25 x 20cm)

Material: GOTS certified organic cotton; fully degradable at end of life. Metal toggles are made of steel and can be removed + recycled inside a metal can in your bin.


Zero Waste Mvmt is a Canadian company; this is an upgrade from our previous sourcing via an American company.