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Oval Baskets

$65.00 $75.00

Imagine your knitting project in this fabulous fair trade, stylish and sturdy Ghana Basket.

These fair-trade, handmade oval baskets are perfect for heavy loads of refill jars, large quantities of produce, or even a picnic, with a flat bottom and very sturdy handle construction.

The majority of African baskets are shipped flat and can be easily reshaped by submerging in water. Maintain your Ghana basket by submerging it fully once or twice a year to hydrate the grasses and tighten up the weave. These baskets are a longstanding tradition in Ghana and you will be amazed at their durability as well as their stylish appearance and handcrafted quality.

All Big Blue Moma baskets are made by hand and as such, size and shape may vary slightly from what is pictured. Each piece is an individualized handmade work of art.

Sourced from a Canadian and female owned, BIPOC company: Big Blue Moma