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Package-free Mini Bath Bombs


Why consider a change: These bath bombs are sourced from a small, local, female owned company. Buying refillery-style avoids a lot of plastic packaging.

The Product: These little cuties are made nearby by Old Country Bath and Body, meaning we can get them completely plastic free, and from a local female maker (and a lower carbon footprint, sourcing it locally!). Get them at Harlowe Green in a refillery style - loose, with no plastic packaging. In store, you can fill your own bag, container, or jar; when shopping online, you'll receive them in a paper baggie. You can save 25-30% of packaged pricing with this option, and get a handmade, local product without the plastic waste!

Essential Oil Fragrance only options: vanilla + colloidal oatmeal (for soothing sensitive or itchy skin), lavender, eucalyptus

Paraben free frag oil options: blue slushie, cotton candy, fruitloop

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid,SLSA, Sunflower Oil, Mica (plus essential oils OR fragrance oil and food colourants)