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Plastic-free Handmade Delicates Wash Bag


When it comes to learning about the details involved in really embracing a sustainable lifestyle, it can sometimes feel overwhelming - so we try to break it down to small changes and choices that can build up over time into a lifestyle that is easy to maintain rather than a revolutionary departure from the familiar. After all, sustainable isn’t sustainable if you can’t sustain it. For many people, laundry is an easy place to start making those changes.

Prolong the life of your delicates in this 100% cotton laundry bag. Most laundry bags available on the market are made from a polyester mesh which doesn’t help with efforts to remove microfibers from the wash cycle, so we started looking for an alternative made from natural fibers. When we couldn’t find a cotton laundry bag on the market - we made them. Laundry Bags are ideal for helping your delicates as they move through the laundry cycle by keeping straps and elastics from being caught up by a heavier garment and getting stretched out during the wash or dry cycle. We also find these laundry bags incredibly helpful for collecting face masks and ushering them through the wash and dry cycles without the elastic getting stretched and for quick access to your masks when they are done in the dryer.

  • Made in the USA, at Echoview Fiber Mill

  • 100% Cotton Fabric, Metal Snaps on Cotton Tape

  • 8.5" x 14"
  • Handmade