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Soap Nuts | Certified Organic + GMO/Package Free

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The Product: Soap nuts contains a high amount of naturally occurring saponins which give these cool nut like shells a soap-like consistency when swirled in water. In times past, these were used as a type of liquid soap because of their lathering ability and mild cleansing action.

Certified USDA Organic | GMO free | Package free | Fully degradable | Naturally Occurring

Packaging: if purchased online, this item will come in an unbleached Kraft paper bag (which can be composted) at the pre-set measured out weights below. 1 cup of these nuts is about 60g. You can fill your own container in store with the exact desired amount.

To use for general cleaning/cleansing: extract them into warm water, then incorporate the strained “juice” into a recipe designed for gentle cleansing.

For laundry: Simply place 8-10 nuts into a sock or some type of muslin bag with a draw string (a soap saver with finer mesh can work, like our fully degradable option). Add a few drops of essential oil (if desired) directly onto the nuts.  Put that bag into your washing machine – you won’t see suds but they do gently clean.  One bag can be reused for several wash cycles. Once the nuts have broken down, it’s time to create a new bag.  It’s a great idea for people who are allergic to commercially made laundry soaps.

Please note: that the “sudsing” and cleansing action of these nuts are very mild and gentle, don’t expect it to act as a bar of soap or a commercially bought laundry detergent. Soap Nuts DO clean, but certainly on their own terms.

These nuts are the de-seeded version which have been cracked open to remove the seeds.

INCI: Sapindus mukorossi (soap nuts)