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Tea Straw | options

$6.00 $12.00

Go plastic free (and package free with your tea) and try a reusable, sustainable, eco-friendly tea straw!

Also known as a Bombilla Straw, this Yerba Mate Filter Spoon Straw is for all types of tea and coffee. The filter on the spoon on the end of the straw allows you to drink Yerba Mate or other teas without a tea bag or filter. The straw filters for you - this allows a lot of ease when making the switch to loose leaf teas to avoid unnecessary packaging. Loose leaf tea is a great swap at a bulk food/refillery station and can avoid plastics in your tea when heating plastic tea bags up over and over for consumption.

Made from polished Type 304, 18/8 stainless steel and titanium electroplated, 6" long in length. Make sure you partner with straw cleaning brushes for easy cleaning - see our agave fibre option to also go micro plastic free in this area, too.