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The Elevated Laundry Set


We have a few other laundry bundles year round as well, but this one includes a few special guests - Woodlot + Good Juju, two great small female-owned enterprises making their goods in Canada.

Gift set Value: $59


1 x Good Juju Summer Rain (or unscented, please specify for unscented) laundry strips package

1 x Stain Remover bar

1 x Woodlot "Original" essential oil blend* (for adding to dryer balls)

3 x 100% wool dryer balls (*white or grey or mix, please specify)

*Items in the gift set marked with a * can be switched for another flavour/colour/pattern option and may be substituted by Harlowe Green in preparing your order depending on availability on our end. Please leave a note at checkout for your preference, and we will do our best!

*Set does not come gift wrapped automatically; please add a gift wrap option if you'd like the set wrapped.