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The Fisherman Sweater | Anian

$80.00 $120.00

Made in Canada; recycled cashmere + merino wool; small batch (sizing available reflects batch sizing at production)

The Fisherman Sweater: Hand-knit from hardy wool, the original fishermen’s sweaters took months to make—but then lasted for a lifetime. Designed with those same steadfast values in mind, our modern-day version is a coastal staple that combines midweight comfort with traditional warmth and strength. It’s been a go-to item for us through weather both fair and foul, and this season we’ve made it even better by blending recycled cashmere into carefully spun merino wool. The merino insulates, wicks moisture and lies smoothly against the skin, while the recycled cashmere lends additional insulation, reduces environmental impact and offers unmatched softness for all-day wear.

Available in "Birch" - a cream colour way - at this time.

Featuring a simple crewneck, the design is slightly longer through the body with a tailored fit that lets you easily layer on a shell, overshirt or work jacket in cold or wet conditions. Proudly made in Vancouver, you’ll find that the Fisherman Sweater becomes even softer and more comfortable over time—and we hope it’s the same one your grandchildren will one day be pulling over their heads.

Material: Knit from a midweight 90% merino / 10% recycled cashmere blend, offering exceptional comfort and dependable, all-weather warmth.

Fit: We make the Fisherman Sweater in a tailored fit based on Men’s sizing; while still providing ample freedom of movement, the pattern holds closer to the body for easy cold-weather layering.

Wash Guide: We recommend dry cleaning our wool sweaters. If dry cleaning isn’t available, gently wash by hand and lie flat to dry. Hanging a wet wool sweater may stretch it out of shape. Use non-toxic and degradable detergents and avoid chemical-based spot cleaners.