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The "Home Spa Experience" Set


If you're a fella getting this for your baby mama, be sure to plan to take the kids somewhere fun so that she can indulge in this experience! If you're getting this set for yourself, make sure you grab some wine + a few candles to really set the stage for some self care.

Gift set Value: $158


1 x Palm-sized handmade dry brush

1 x The Willow's Bark XL botanical bath bomb*

1 x The Willow's Bark natural oils lip balm tin*

1 x Fair trade, Canadian made milk chocolate bar*

1 x The Willow's Bark clay facial mask (30 uses)*

1 x Bamboo + Silicone face mask applicator

1 x The Willow's Bark body butter (*flora or bergamot may be added)

1 x Woodlot Recharge essential oil (*or other in-store blend)

1 x Old Soul Soap natural oil nourishing body bar* 

1 x The Willow's Bark facial steam*

1 x Eucalyptus Shower Steam Set (10-12 steams)

*Items in the gift set marked with a * can be switched for another flavour/colour/pattern option and may be substituted by Harlowe Green in preparing your order depending on availability on our end. Please leave a note at checkout for your preference, and we will do our best!

*Set does not come gift wrapped automatically; please add a gift wrap option if you'd like the set wrapped.