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Wilde House Paper Calendars

$20.00 $47.00

Deeply rooted in the symbiotic relationship of the inspiration and education found within the natural world, the 2023 Wilde House Paper Calendars serve as an informative resource that evokes intentional emotions from your surroundings. Bringing you into the present moment, each month evokes a more intimate view of the world around.

9’’ x 12’’ with steel coil (remove coil for proper decomposition + recycling practices)

High quality printing on luxe speckled stock made from recycled content. 

Installed wire hanger to easily hang in your space.

12 month 2023 calendar complete with key dates, a connection point and inspiring ideas to bring into your month. 

The Intentional Calendar: an interactive and reflective monthly tool in your personal space that serves as a place to come home to realign and get inspired. Through key dates, a monthly mood, color, inspiration topics and designated space to write intentions for the month ahead and come back to reflect as the month comes to a close, this calendar serves as a foundation to record progress to reflect back to, ground you into the present moment, and move you forward into the future with an authentic purpose.

Made in California by women-owned Wilde House Paper, a member of One Tree Planted and sustainable handmade paper company