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Wool Dish Drying Mat


This 100% Wool Dish Drying Mat is an all natural alternative to microfiber dish mats. It catches water drips as your dishes dry and keeps your dishes cushioned from your counter. Naturally antimicrobial, wool is capable of easily absorbing moisture and then evaporating it over time.

To care for your mat, periodically lay it out in direct sunlight, turning it over to the opposite side after an hour. If full washing is needed, gently submerge in warm water with a tiny bit of soap.

Made in United States of America 

Echoview Fiber Mill is a Women owned and run Gold LEED certified Fiber Mill, so sustainability is literally the foundation of everything we do and is taken into account in each decision we make. Our Dryer Balls and Wool Sponges are our best sellers and made by hand right by Community Makers and finished at our mill. Made with 100% USA wool, Peruvian Alpaca and Organic Cotton. All the sheep are raised by USA farmers. We are Living Wage Certified- all our employees are encouraged to teach classes and sell their goods in our shop so they can have a creative outlet as well. We are Women Owned and Run! We have 11 Women on Staff and 2 Men.