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Zero Waste Deodorant Blocks


The Product: Earth + Daughter's extra-strength aluminum-free, baking soda-free and paraben-free vegan deodorants are designed to keep you fresh with a very light application. Since they only need one light swipe per armpit, they last much longer than ordinary deodorants.

Each 3.5oz block comes unpackaged (bring a container if purchasing in store) and should be kept in a small mason jar or similar container at home when not in use. 

Each 3.5 oz square cube should last 6 to 12 months (or longer) with regular use.

How it works: We use enzymes to help zap the odor-causing bacteria, and tapioca starch to help absorb excess wetness. Each puck or cube will glide on lightly and smoothly. This concentrated deodorant is strong and effective. Use only one light swipe per armpit. Not recommended for sensitive skin; essential oils can bother some skin types.

Transition period from aluminum deodorant: Aluminum based antiperspirants include big brand products, as well as alternative products like crystal sticks, alum sticks and mineral salt sticks. When switching away from these, you might experience a detox effect for a few days to a couple weeks. Check out the underarm detox bar to assist in this process. Reapply as needed during the detox process; after the detox period, the deodorant should last 8 hours without need to reapply.

Packaging: There is no holder or box or container that this item comes with. For online purchases, this guy will be wrapped up in a paper baggie; in store we suggest bringing a small container.

Earl Grey: this unisex scent combines Bergamot and Italian Orange essential oils with a hint of herb garden make a pleasant, light fragrance. 

Desert Rose + Citrus: Pure essential oils of Valencia orange and Egyptian geranium make this a green citrus scent with floral highlights. This deodorant contains 100% pure essential oils.

Pure Aloe Fragrance Free: completely scent free.

Ingredients (with explanations from company left in): Dipropylene glycol - moisturizer that helps with slip and glide - rated 1 (green) on EWG, considered safe and non-toxic even as a food additive, Tapioca starch (modified) polymethylsilsesquioxane - a light version of tapioca starch modified with silica microspheres (from non-toxic inert substance that makes up plants, animals and the sand on the beach) to absorb wetness - ideal for heavy perspiration, Aloe vera juice (organic) hydrated (with water) from inner fillet - softens and protects skin while helping with glide, Sodium stearate - thickener from plants, Natural enzymes - fermented enzymes from natural yeast, Cyclopentasiloxane - a lightweight natural mineral silicone for glide that doesn't cause build up on skin like dimethicone - washes out clean with soap or body wash, Golden jojoba wax - a desert native plant wax that mimics the skin's natural barrier, Allantoin - a skin protectant found in many plants and animals, ours is derived from the comfrey plant, Bamboo extract powder - a silica (mineral) rich powder used to absorb wetness and help with smooth application, Phenoxyethanol* (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid - preservative to keep your stick fresh in the medicine cabinet - paraben-free *used at less than 1%, essential oil blends (this ingredient omitted for pure aloe unscented bars)