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Collective Action links for Global Climate Action on September 15

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Collective Action links for Global Climate Action on September 15

On the eve of the global climate strike, collective action is in the air. Here are some things you can do that are free, simple, and take just a bit of time.

Find your Local Global Climate Strike 

Visit this link to Fridays for Future to find a local strike. Check out the "Take Action" section of the youth postings on social media, it's incredibly inspiring and puts things into a pretty solid perspective.

Letter for Government

You can click through to this link to visit and send a letter tailored to your local MP and CC it through to federal government members. We love Eco Justice because they are an organization continually fighting on the legal level for change.

If you feel like that isn't as effective as sending your own email, they have a great letter format to start with that you can send from your personal email (or drop off, or send in the mail!).

Letter Writing with Students/Kids

Teachers and parents interested in a lesson plan for student letter writing, please see this amazing work by here.

Simple Enough: Share Information on your Social Media

This step is completely free and helps bring your circle to the table and help the issue gain traction. I really like Earthly Education, but Commons Earth and Fridays for Future has some good content!



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