About the Refillery + How-to

In-Store/Pop Up Refill How-To:

1. Bring your containers to our shop by appointment or to one of our pop-up events. Hours + events are listed on our home page and in the "Stockists + Events" tab at the top of our webpage.

*We can have one family within our shop at a time due to current pandemic restrictions. Please wear a mask. You will be given hand sanitizer upon entry to our shop as well.

2. Containers must be clean and without cracks or breakages. Refills will be done by staff to ensure no cross contamination or touching of home containers and the refill dispensers occurs. Containers are weighed before filling and then again after filling. 

3. You then will only pay for the product you purchase!

Follow our Instagram @harlowe_green or Facebook Page @harlowegreen for more information and updates on our hours and pop-up events.

Ordering refill goods online for delivery:

1. Check to make sure you're in our delivery area. Currently, we delivery to Cloyne, Northbrook, Kaladar, Flinton, Harlowe, Henderson, Tweed, Belleville, Madoc, Trenton, Quinte West, Carrying Place, Rendersville, Tamworth, and Kingston areas. 

Alternatively, you can pick up your order at one of our stockists - see the ever-evolving list in the "Events + Stockists" tab at the top of our webpage.

2. Select your bulk products and checkout online. You can find all pre-filled bulk products that we offer through the "Bulk Local Shopping" link. These items will come in a mason jar that you can refill your home dispensers with. If you would like to purchase a dispenser first, you can also find several options on our site (some already filled). If you'd like any other items added to your bulk delivery, just include them in the same order.

3. Choose "Local Delivery" or "Pick Up" and ensure that you've left a note at checkout, or choose the specific pick-up or delivery date/event provided.

4. You will receive an email once your order has been delivered to your home (for local delivery) or to the stockist that you wish to pick up from. 

Please see the Pick Up | Shipping | Delivery tab at the bottom of our webpage for more information.

Mason Jars can be brought back to refill in future at our site.

Once COVID-19 restrictions ease, we will be able accept the mason jars back for their deposit price ($1-2, dependant on size).


Why Refill? 

Well, really, let's face it - buying quality products that don't include cheap chemical ingredients and fragrances, and paying people in our own country to make them in an ethical fashion, can cost more. A big part of what you're paying for in your products is the packaging. In an effort to keep costs down, a lot of companies have opted for the cheapest plastic packaging possible, with the result being a consistent reliance upon single-use plastics and recycling.

However, the average amount of plastic recycling (those that make it to your bin) that actually gets fully recycled is only 9% in Canada. In 2020, it is also tough to ignore the impacts this is having globally from an environmental, a health, and an ethical, point of view.

Bulk refillery shopping has decreased our own family's costs to access these products (it is far cheaper to refill than buy new), and completely eliminates the throw-away waste and production of cheap plastics. However, it is hardly realistic when a lot of these items are offered so far away from our home community. Hopefully we remove that barrier for you, and we can head down a better path together. 

How does it work?

If you're interested in slowly switching over to this type of shopping and lower waste lifestyle, check out our blog - there are a number of articles there that delve into how to set up different low waste systems in a family home.

Basically, look at what containers you have already that you can refill. Then, store a mason jar sized refill of it at home for back-up. When you crack open that mason jar, put the item on your list and refill when you can. As long as you're using a clean, air tight container, you are good to go. You can refill that same jar in our shop or at a pop-up event, reuse it (honestly, how versatile is a mason jar?) rather than tossing it like you would your plastic packaging, or hold onto it. Once the pandemic eases up, we hope to offer a bottle deposit program to simplify things even further for everyone.

Questions - If you have any questions, we are so happy to try and answer them for you. I have spent many years trying a lot of different products within the "natural", "sustainable", and "eco" spheres, and some of them really aren't effective. Worse, some of it is just "greenwashing" - using buzzwords like 'green' and 'eco' to market you a product that is just another pig wearing lipstick. I've tested this stuff and if anything, overthink the background of companies and products that I choose and know them very well. Send any questions/comments/concerns/ wonderings to me at harlowegreen@gmail.com or just ask me when you see me!