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About Our Small Company + Impact


Our Impact + Programs

Waste Diversion: Sponsored + Volunteer Programs

We have several different items that we collect in the shop to help our customers and community divert their waste from landfill. 

Here's a break down!


Earthub is a local initiative that we are so happy to take part in on a voluntary basis. All of the items listed below can be brought into our shop - they must be clean and in useable condition.

**PLEASE NOTE: as of August 31, 2022, Earthub is no longer accepting coffee bags, chips bags for Sensible Portions, Febreeze + Swiffer products. Staples can take the dead writing utensils, but Earthub will not. We cannot accept these items.

 As of August 31, 2022:




We collect for the following list of Terracyle boxes that our shop has purchased and sponsored. Please make sure these items are both clean and sorted as you will need to put them in specific bins in store. Please remember that if you put items in the bin that do not belong, that may mean that the whole bin becomes garbage as the finished product will be contaminated. 

Read more at - anyone, or any business, can buy a bin!

1. Oral Care Waste: plastic floss, plastic floss pics, plastic floss containers, *cleaned out* toothpaste tubes (cut with an exacto knife, open up and waste the product out), plastic toothbrushes, electric toothbrush heads

2. Razors Waste: plastic razors, plastic and metal razor handles, plastic and metal razor heads

3. Candy + Snack Wrappers packaging: chip bags (rinsed out/free of chips) that are the crinkly foil/plastics (not the paper and wax style that some tortilla chips come in), candy and granola bar wrappers, snack wrappers (crunchy plastics style)

Pact Cosmetics Recycling:

We were one of 20 businesses that Routine deodorant selected to receive Pact cosmetics containers recycling program. 

Items can be of any brand, smaller than a yogurt cup size. Any glass bottles can be recycled, and the sprayers/pumps/dropper etc. recycled in this bin.

Recycling items must be free of product and washed/rinsed out.


 **PLEASE NOTE: we are only able to pick up your recycling items if Ange is making the delivery, as our local small business delivery program will not pick items up. If you have a pickup, please let us know and we will tell you if we can grab it or not. Thank you for your understanding!

Read more about our sourcing on each product listing. 

Read more about the impacts + how-to of our Refillery Program here.