About Harlowe Green

Harlowe Green is an imperfect effort towards intentional, conscious, simple and sustainable living that works for families in rural areas to ensure long term change and the good health of our planet and our communities.

"Zero waste" is a bit of a heavy term with a lot of pressure. But, with small steps, the goal to use up what you have first and then making a more conscious choice next time, and the barrier of access removed for our rural area, we hope that that path gets clearer and simpler for everyone. All of our products fit into our mission to be as local, low waste and as safe for the Earth and our families as possible. As we grow and evolve with our communities, we will work to provide more ideas and options.

Harlowe Green grew out of the need for access to low waste living goods and refill items in a rural area. Slowly, access is being built in a little network of people working for change in small rural towns with the partnership and support of other small local businesses. While there is a desire by so many good people out there to 'do better,' it can be tough to know what to do and where to start. Follow along with our blog or social media for little ideas of how to make changes for you and your family, and we can figure this out together.

 giving back

Beyond the environmental sphere, and as a past secondary school teacher and current dance teacher of teens, I really deeply care about mental health advocacy and initiatives, especially for our youth. There is such good work being done in my own community, but I've experienced the frustrations of a system with big holes in it and often the ones doing the supporting and needing the supporting don't have enough support. As of July 2020, Harlowe Green has been able to begin donating and supporting local mental health initiatives through support to Baseball for Dad, a local mental health initiative, with Isiah and Co. in Stirling and with Madi Robertson in Kingston.

No man (or woman) gets left behind; everyone's heart bleeds too much sometimes, and we have to take care of those that take care. Time with and appreciation of nature can heal a lot, and beyond trying to teach my own kids this connection, I hope to someday help facilitate that for others.

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