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Spring Cleaning Recipes

Posted by Ange Defosse on

Yesterday it felt like spring. Sunshine, meltwater, birds singin' away, and people strolling downtown. The anticipation was amazing; it's been a long winter! Spring cleaning is one of those things that I actually don't mind; once...

10 Changes for a Conscious Kitchen

Posted by Ange Defosse on
A visual sustainable living story on ten areas to address to decrease waste and limit unwanted chemicals and toxins near your food in the kitchen.

Setting New Year's Intentions to be more Sustainable? Here's a headstart.

Posted by Ange Defosse on

The start of a new year can bring some reflection on the last, some goal setting, and sometimes a resolution or two for improvement. Switching over to a more sustainable lifestyle seems to be a popular...

Living Sustainably during Times of Inflation + Recession

Posted by Ange Defosse on

An Article from the Summer 2022 Frontenac Guide These days, it can be tough to figure out what you’re supposed to do. There’s a climate emergency, but there’s also a recession. Barack Obama said, “We...

Plastic-free Bedding

Posted by Ange Defosse on

I'm going to read this post someday and remember it was written back in the same month that a study came out confirming that micro plastics are now being found in human blood.  It feels...