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Low Waste Period Care

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Breaking down the options and providing tips and tricks to empower this shift for your body and the earth!

5 Ways to Decrease your Waste when On the Go

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Here are some tips beyond the concepts of reusable water bottles and bags to help you get organized with low waste living when you're out and about!

Rethinking + Revising Holiday Traditions

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During the heavy consumer period that is the lead-up to the holidays, we can often feel lost, overwhelmed, and out of touch with the joy we are supposed to be finding this time of year. In this blog post, we dive into rethinking some traditions within a sustainable lens to choose differently (really in any traditional instance) and how our family shifted the family jammie and Advent calendar traditions to be more sustainable and authentic to our family.

The Christmas Tree: what's sustainable? Featuring our Family's DIY Tree

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Which is more sustainable: the real tree, the fake tree, or neither? What do we do when it comes to Christmas trees in trying to live more sustainably? 

And, a DIY tree that uses discarded materials!

Breaking away from Consumer Culture: The Wait Period

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A visual breakdown and example of how a wait period can help us take control in our relationship with the consumer culture we live in.