Zero Waste Adventures

  • Sustainable Holiday Changes: Easter

    As we approach yet another holiday during a global pandemic, I realize that moms are really trying to make a lot of additional magic here. Part of ...
  • Free Ways to Start Low Waste Living

    A few months ago I got chatting with Alyssa from Chicory Wild about starting out with sustainable living. She was working on a new project and want...
  • How to stop mindless consumption + begin living intentionally

    As we head into this new year, there's a double weird no-man's land (a lockdown and that other-world, post-holiday in-between time) that's created...
  • Low Waste Wrapping Ideas

    A round-up of low waste wrapping ideas to decrease your consumption and waste during the holiday season.
  • Holly Jolly Happiness

    Well! It's been a minute since I finally wrote a blog post. The last one I wrote was about going to the beach in July (what! haha) and now it's the...
  • Low-waste Family Beach Days

    Here's a round-up of swaps to try when you're out and about at the beach or splash park to decrease your waste and support Canadian made.
  • Workin' on a Plastic-Free Fridge

    Tips + ideas to start working towards buying food, cleaning and storing food items without the plastic to further simplify your life and decrease your waste.
  • Low Waste Kitchen Sink Routines

    How to clean your sink with simple, safe ingredients, set up a low-waste dish washing setup, and figure out how to declutter this area to simplify your home in a sustainable manner.
  • Getting Started with a Safety Razor

    Ange's tips on choosing, using, and maintaining a safety razor found here!
  • A Plastic-Free Shower

    Here's a look into how you can manage a simpler life with some easy sustainable swaps in the shower - a traditional plastic-haven within our home.
  • Sustainable Laundry Swaps

    Conscious swaps for your laundry room - stain treatment options, detergents, softeners, and drying methods, too!
  • Zero-Waste Home Cleaning

    There are many issues with natural cleaners - they don't work, they cost a lot of cash to not work, and they are still packaged in plastic throw-aways. Here's my roundup of cleaning recipes that you can bulk-buy ingredients, and an explanation of how to use Sal's Suds.