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Visible Mending + Resisting Lifestyle Change

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Now, let's just call this an "inspirational post" - as in, I am inspired to actually get better at sewing techniques and this is by no means an expert showing you how to get the...

8 Ideas for a Sustainable Autumn Season

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Autumn is a crisp, fresh time to start some new routines; considering them in the lens of sustainability and low waste living can bring elements of more intentional, conscious living to our seasonal celebrations, routines, and free us up for rewarding moments!

DIY Refillery Recipes for Spring + Summer Simplicity

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Simplicity isn't always the most convenient route, but it can definitely be the clearest route to a more conscious living experience. Spring and summer go hand and hand with simplicity as we aim to ditch...

Spring Cleaning Recipes

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Yesterday it felt like spring. Sunshine, meltwater, birds singin' away, and people strolling downtown. The anticipation was amazing; it's been a long winter! Spring cleaning is one of those things that I actually don't mind; once...

Waste Audits: A Tool to Guide What's Next

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Behind the scenes of your low-waste living tool: a waste audit! When you're stuck and not sure where to head next, you can utilize this process at any point in the journey to renew your motivation and get started on your next big success.