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Low Waste Period Care

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Breaking down the options and providing tips and tricks to empower this shift for your body and the earth!

Visible Mending + Resisting Lifestyle Change

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Getting started with a new skill in the low waste sphere brought up some unexpected procrastination, and some thoughts on approaching lifestyle change. Inside, you'll find a novice explanation of visible mending and a story about how just getting started can be more important than anything.

Spring Cleaning Recipes

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Yesterday it felt like spring. Sunshine, meltwater, birds singin' away, and people strolling downtown. The anticipation was amazing; it's been a long winter! Spring cleaning is one of those things that I actually don't mind; once...

Low Waste Wrapping Ideas

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A round-up of low waste wrapping ideas to decrease your consumption and waste during the holiday season.

Recipe | Infused Vinegars

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This is a bit of a strange ‘recipe’ to write out, kind of feels like I’m writing a recipe post to tell someone how to microwave a pizza pocket. But it really is that simple! ...