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Easing the Transition from Antiperspirant to Natural Deodorant

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Have you tried to switch to natural deodorant, only to find that it couldn't touch the sweat you were experiencing? 

Learn about the transition process our body needs to go through in this blog post, and our top tips for helping it be more manageable.

Ditching Fabric Softener + Dryer Sheets

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Fabric softener and dryer sheets are a high waste item that we can head back to basics to remove from our routines - but how? Here's five options for switching things up and stepping another step closer to a natural home.

Spring Cleaning Recipes

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Yesterday it felt like spring. Sunshine, meltwater, birds singin' away, and people strolling downtown. The anticipation was amazing; it's been a long winter! Spring cleaning is one of those things that I actually don't mind; once...

10 Changes for a Conscious Kitchen

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A visual sustainable living story on ten areas to address to decrease waste and limit unwanted chemicals and toxins near your food in the kitchen.

Plastic-free Bedding

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I'm going to read this post someday and remember it was written back in the same month that a study came out confirming that micro plastics are now being found in human blood.  It feels...