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Rethinking + Revising Holiday Traditions

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During the heavy consumer period that is the lead-up to the holidays, we can often feel lost, overwhelmed, and out of touch with the joy we are supposed to be finding this time of year. In this blog post, we dive into rethinking some traditions within a sustainable lens to choose differently (really in any traditional instance) and how our family shifted the family jammie and Advent calendar traditions to be more sustainable and authentic to our family.

Breaking away from Consumer Culture: The Wait Period

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A visual breakdown and example of how a wait period can help us take control in our relationship with the consumer culture we live in.

Visible Mending + Resisting Lifestyle Change

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Getting started with a new skill in the low waste sphere brought up some unexpected procrastination, and some thoughts on approaching lifestyle change. Inside, you'll find a novice explanation of visible mending and a story about how just getting started can be more important than anything.

8 Ideas for a Sustainable Autumn Season

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Autumn is a crisp, fresh time to start some new routines; considering them in the lens of sustainability and low waste living can bring elements of more intentional, conscious living to our seasonal celebrations, routines, and free us up for rewarding moments!

Managing the Seasonal Update for our Family: Slow, Sustainable Fashion

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As you get further into the sustainable living mindset, it is hard to compartmentalize it to just your home products, your cleaning cupboard, your pantry, or your skincare routine. It has this way of slowly...