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8 Ideas for a Sustainable Autumn Season

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Autumn is a crisp, fresh time to start some new routines; considering them in the lens of sustainability and low waste living can bring elements of more intentional, conscious living to our seasonal celebrations, routines, and free us up for rewarding moments!

Managing the Seasonal Update for our Family: Slow, Sustainable Fashion

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As you get further into the sustainable living mindset, it is hard to compartmentalize it to just your home products, your cleaning cupboard, your pantry, or your skincare routine. It has this way of slowly...

Setting New Year's Intentions to be more Sustainable? Here's a headstart.

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The start of a new year can bring some reflection on the last, some goal setting, and sometimes a resolution or two for improvement. Switching over to a more sustainable lifestyle seems to be a popular...

The Rules are Fake: Minimalism + Motherhood

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Minimalism is a pretty big buzz word these days, but it has a lot to do with sustainable living. How can we approach minimalism during one of the most chaotic seasons of our lives: parenthood?

10 Tips to make Back-to-School more Sustainable

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Did you know that 92% of Canadian families find shopping for back to school a financial burden? 

It doesn't have to be this way!

10 tips from Harlowe Green's founder, Ange, on how to do the season of back-to-school differently.