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Recipe | Infused Vinegars

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Recipe | Infused Vinegars

This is a bit of a strange ‘recipe’ to write out, kind of feels like I’m writing a recipe post to tell someone how to microwave a pizza pocket. But it really is that simple! 


  1. Dump discarded lemon (or other citrus) rinds into a mason jar. I usually place the jar in the fridge so that they stay fresh as they collect for a few days.
  2. Fill with cleaning grade vinegar (I use the refillery 12% option), replace sealer lid
  3. Let stand in a cool, dry place for a couple of weeks (looks very pretty in your kitchen!)
  4. Strain rinds out and voila! Infused vinegar.

**I have also tried infusing pine needles for use with my Sal’s Suds recipes because it has a more complimentary scent; just do the same dump, store and pour route.



  • In cleaning recipes to make your use of them more pleasant and less vinegar-y scented
  • In an all-purpose cleaning spray for counters, toys, spills, etc., I combine 1 part infused lemon vinegar and one to two parts distilled or filtered water
  • Glass and window cleaner spray - the same 1:1 recipe as above (definitely simplifies things)
  • As a replacement for fabric softener/freshener in your washer
  • As rinse aid in your dishwasher (much hardier on hard water)

Benefits of using Vinegar:

Using vinegar for cleaning is safe.

It is a safer choice to keep around if you have small children and pets (versus Windex, Jetdry, or Bounty, for example). It is safer to buy in bulk options because it is so versatile, so it is safer for the environment because that’s saving the plastic garbage too. It’s so much cheaper! It is safe to pour down the drain for your water table. It is safe to have on your hands, your table, your countertops because you are not spraying anything synthetic or chemical-laden all over where you’re eating and into the air you’re breathing. It's an easy swap that eliminates the need to have multiple products around your home making life more complicated.

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