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A Year of no Amazon, Home Sense, Winners or Costco

Posted by Ange Defosse on

It's been almost a year and a half since I strolled around Winners and Homesense, hit the checkout on Amazon, and cut the Costco membership card up. This little blog post is some thoughts on...

Waste Audits: A Tool for any Stage of the Low Waste Living Journey

Posted by Angela Defosse on
Behind the scenes of your low-waste living tool: a waste audit! When you're stuck and not sure where to head next, you can utilize this process at any point in the journey to renew your motivation and get started on your next big success.

Sustainable Holiday Changes: Easter

Posted by Angela Defosse on

As we approach yet another holiday during a global pandemic, I realize that moms are really trying to make a lot of additional magic here. Part of the magic, as we know, came from the...

Free Ways to Start Low Waste Living

Posted by Angela Defosse on

A few months ago I got chatting with Alyssa from Chicory Wild about starting out with sustainable living. She was working on a new project and wanted to have some conversations about how to get...

How to stop mindless consumption + begin living intentionally

Posted by Angela Defosse on

As we head into this new year, there's a double weird no-man's land (a lockdown and that other-world, post-holiday in-between time) that's created a natural touch-point to reflect on our lives and what we hope...