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Tick Spray Refillery Recipe

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Tick Spray Refillery Recipe

One unfortunate outcome of a warming/changing climate is the amount of tick activity and concentration that has changed for our region. 

From the Canadian government's website: "Increased temperature increases the survival and activity period of ticks, increases the range of both reservoir and tick hosts (e.g. mice and deer) and increases the duration of the season when people may be exposed to ticks."

Wearing longer clothing pieces to cover the skin fully and doing tick checks can be a great way to protect yourself. However, we made up a tick spray for one of our favourite regulars in the shop the other day, and thought a share for the recipe would be ideal for many! 

In a 2oz sprayer, combine:

Shake before spraying.

*this recipe is safe for pets with the peppermint oil omitted - be aware though, that while witch hazel is safe for topical use on dogs, animals with skin issues should avoid it.

*an amber bottle is used here to protect the contents (especially the essential oils) from light to ensure longevity and vitality of the ingredients. However, an up cycled plastic or metal sprayer can also be beneficial.

* witch hazel or a carrier oil is preferred over water as it allows the essential oils to "stick around" after being sprayed. Water can 'carry' the essential oils with it onto skin or clothing, but they will evaporate faster.

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