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Amber Glass Dispensers + Sprayers


Darker amber glass protects your products from the light, to preserve your precious natural ingredients and oils without the use of preservatives. Use these vessels as a home for your refill products or to make your own.

Available in different sizes:

1L Refiller: this item is only available with a black plastic phenolic cap. Pumps and sprayers are not available at this time.

16oz (roughly 500mL) with a black plastic spray top, pump top, or phenolic cap (screw on cap). When purchasing the bottle version, you'll receive a phenolic cap (screw on cap) with the bottle. You can also purchase this item with a heavy duty stainless steel pump here.

8oz (roughly 250mL) with a black plastic pump, sprayer, or a phenolic cap. This item can be purchased with a stainless steel pump top here.

2oz (roughly 60mL) with a spritz top, pump top, or dropper top.

The Company: Oshun Supply Inc. is a small, Canadian, family owned, woman owned, Metis owned company.