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Menstrual Cups


Why consider a change: Period products contain a ton of plastics and cheap paper, especially tampon applicators and large plastic-y pads. Reusable products can save a lot of waste and honestly, this is one swap that definitely makes life easier (and can save some cash).

The Product: Aisle menstrual cups are a reusable substitute for tampons. We've added this to our website as we are excited about the product, but also the packaging - no plastic sleeves or packaging included with this cup at all, which is why we have switched away from Diva Cup. It can hold up to 30mL or 6 tampons worth, so there is less hassle in your day to day.

Made of 100% healthcare grade silicon, it is available in two sizes, A and B. Size A is suitable for those who are new to cups or have difficulty inserting tampons; Size B is suitable for persons over age 30, have given birth, or whom might have a weaker pelvic floor.

Ange's Tip: if you're in the Cup B category, add a reusable liner for the heaviest day of your cycle or if you are nervous to try this out and worried about getting the 'fit' right.

The Company: Aisle is a rad woman-owned company that makes their products in Vancouver, BC.