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Bamboo + Organic Cotton Swabs


Why consider a change: So many swabs are a single-use plastic waste product. The handle of the swab breaks into tiny bits of micro plastic waste that impact the environment for centuries, all for that ear swabbing task that took less than a minute of time. Making this switch ensures that it is going to break down in natural elements to natural ingredients. Plus - avoid the plastic shrink wrap coating most swab packaging with compostable Kraft cardboard.

The Product: Ditch single-use plastic swabs and plastic packaging by switching to bamboo cotton swabs packaged in Kraft cardboard. Each bamboo swab is made with organic cotton with a sustainable bamboo stick and packaged in a recycled paper box.

The more durable bamboo stick makes our cotton swabs truly a multipurpose product. Clean the outer ear canal, use for cosmetic purposes, cleaning electronics, use for nail polish and even craft projects.

200 pieces per box

Home compostable

Disclaimer: We do not recommend to insert swab into the inner ear canal. 
Made in China (due to the use of bamboo)