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Herbal Facial Steams | options


Why consider a change: Honestly, there's a reason our bodies respond so readily to natural essences and scents, why prestigious spas only source directly from nature. Self care and nature walk hand in hand in our world; these facial steams eliminate the excessive plastics and unnatural ingredients (and, uh, glitter) that can exist is so many pampering products.

The Product: Just fill a bowl with boiling water and drop a steamer in. Place a towel over your head and lean over the bowl. Now breathe in. Moist heat hydrates the skin, boosts circulation, opens pores, and each herbal steam contains specific medicinal herbs to repair skin and cleanse pores of dirt and dead skin cells.

DIRECTIONS: Begin with a make-up free, clean face. Add almost boiling water to the top of the facial steam in a bowl, and lean over top of the bowl, facing the steam. Some users prefer to drape a towel over the bowl and head to maximize the steam's effect. Enjoy deep breaths for approximately 4 minutes, and simply air-dry your skin afterward (no need to wash again). Herbal steams can be used for hands and feet as well.


Rose Petal & Mint- *rose petals, *chamomile flowers, ∆comfrey root, *witch hazel, ∆peppermint leaves, ∆raw local honey, *peppermint essential oil, *witch hazel distillate

Clover & Calendula- *calendula (marigold) petals, ∆st. john's wort, ∆lemon balm, ∆plantain leaves, ∆raw local honey, *orange essential oil, *chamomile essential oil, *frankincense essential oil, *jojoba oil, *neroli hydrosol

Green Tea & Sage- *Green tea, ∆comfrey leaves, ∆elderflowers, *marshmallow root, *lavender buds, *sage leaves, *sage essential oil, ∆raw honey, *witch hazel distillate *organic ∆wild

Packaging: Packed in a biodegradable plant-cellulose plastic baggie, and sealed with metal staples and paper label.

The Company: The Willow's Bark is an amazing female-owned small shop hand making their goods in Peterborough, Ontario.